Read On Communities

Read On Santa Cruz

read-on-santa-cruzIs a community collaboration that engages parents and community partners to improve reading proficiency by focusing on school readiness, family engagement, and the other critical factors that impact a child’s progress to becoming a successful reader.

All partners are committed to the success of Read On Santa Cruz County and have joined together to promote Read On Santa Cruz County, expand access to quality early learning, and prepare our children to read.

We invite all members of the Santa Cruz County community to become involved in Read On Santa Cruz County.

“These partnerships are valued and vital to preparing our youngest citizens to succeed in school and the work by the partners will make a dramatic impact on the lives of children in our community.” – Superintendent Alfredo Velasquez

Collaborative Partners:

  • City of Nogales
  • Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors
  • Santa Cruz County Attorney/George Silva
  • Santa Cruz County School Districts, Charter and Private Schools
  • First Things First
  • Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College
  • University of Arizona South
  • Rotary Club
  • Lions Club
  • Nogales-Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce