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Read on Arizona MapLIT

MapLIT is Arizona’s comprehensive, population-level data tool for interactive mapping and summary reports on key data sets that impact school readiness and early literacy outcomes in Arizona communities and our state.

First launched in 2015, MapLIT is the product of the collaboration of partners in Read On Arizona, our state’s collective impact initiative for early literacy, combining shared data from multiple state agencies and census data to help inform effective strategies, policies, and investments.

  • Identify areas with high need or gaps in services
  • Explore data in the context of other relevant factors
  • Share information and reports with partners

The MapLIT tool was developed in partnership with the Maricopa Association of Governments.

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MapLIT Tool

MapLIT Features

Sites and Schools

Get comprehensive data for public and charter schools and early learning sites. Filter and drill down for data on assessments and benchmarks, enrollment, chronic absence, and more.

Key Topics

Visualize data in the context of important factors impacting early literacy, including child care gaps, school assessment data and trends, as well as health and economic factors.

Census Data

Select a geography (county, legislative district, region, ZIP code, etc.) and overlay data such as population, poverty, employment, access to technology, and more.

Summary Reports

View and share detailed reports by the geography of your choosing, including state, county, school district, school, First Things First region, ZIP code, and census tract.

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NOTE: All data are the sole property of Read On Arizona or the originating agency and may not be published, re-analyzed, or used in other manner without written permission.