Read On Chandler

Read On Chandler

Read on Chandler is a collaborative of community organizations and businesses committed to ensuring that every child, birth through 5, obtains the necessary literacy and readiness skills to be successful in school and read by third grade.

Read On Chandler has designated the 85224 and 85225 ZIP codes as an “innovation neighborhood” and set the goal that, within five years, 70% of students in these more vulnerable areas will enter school with their first kindergarten assessment scores at literacy benchmarks. Working collectively, partners are focused on: (1) increasing community awareness, engagement, and advocacy through quality literacy opportunities and tools; (2) implementing evidence-based literacy strategies and promising practices to increase school readiness; and (3) developing critical financial and non-financial support for school readiness and early literacy.

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Read On Arizona Community Outreach and Awareness
Read On Arizona Early Learning/School Readiness
Read On Arizona Family/School/Community Engagement and Partnerships

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