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A collaborative and coordinated early literacy initiative, Read On Pima County works collectively with local school districts, the Pima County Public Library, and others to improve language and literacy outcomes for students. Read On Pima is co-led by United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, Literacy Connects, and Make Way for Books.

Read On Pima County works to improve language and literacy skills in local communities by: (1) integrating student support through one-on-one tutoring, providing literacy-rich experiences, increasing access to age-appropriate books during the school year; (2) enriching and expanding learning time for students by increasing access to age-appropriate books for summer learning and increasing access to other resources; and (3) engaging families and communities with two-generation learning opportunities, increasing access to culturally relevant and age-appropriate books as well as providing adult education classes and increasing access to family resources.

Priority Areas

Read On Arizona Evidence-Based Student Support
Read On Arizona Access to Books
Read On Arizona Summer Learning
Read On Arizona Family and Community Engagement

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Community Lead

Monica Brinkerhoff
United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona

Yissel Salafsky
Make Way for Books

Sharon O'Brien
Literacy Connects

Jessica Novak
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Tucson Early Childhood Fiscal MapTucson Early Childhood Fiscal Map

Read On Arizona and the Children’s Funding Project partnered with Read On Pima County to create a child/family-centered fiscal map to analyze funding streams for early childhood services and supports in the Tucson area.

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