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Read On Southwest Valley is a collaborative effort facilitated by Valley of the Sun United to identify gaps and enable collaboration across community efforts focused on early literacy, supporting the full continuum including school readiness, chronic absenteeism, and professional development.

Read On Southwest Valley is working with a cross-section of community leaders to identify the areas of concern and develop solutions to address the issue using data and evidence-based best practices.

Priority Areas

Read On Arizona Family Engagement
Read On Arizona Access to Evidence-Based Literacy Programs
Read On Arizona Professional Development for Educators
Read On Arizona Reducing Chronic Absence

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Community Lead

Dawn Gerundo
Valley of the Sun United Way

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Arizona Early Childhood Fiscal MapPhoenix and Avondale Early Childhood Fiscal Map

Read On Arizona and the Children’s Funding Project partnered with Read On Phoenix and Read On Southwest Valley to create a child/family-centered fiscal map to analyze funding streams for early childhood services and supports in the Phoenix/Avondale area.

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