Bookmarks: Literacy News and Insights, February 2024

February 24, 2024

Literacy News

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Young Students Less Prepared for Grade-Level Reading, Math

eSchool News | January 31, 2024

Nationwide data reveals that children who were in early childhood or pre-K programs (at ages 1 to 4) during the pandemic are coming to school less prepared and struggling to keep up with grade-level learning.




School Attendance Percentages Can Mask Chronic Absenteeism

FutureEd | February 20, 2024

Chronic absence isn’t simply the opposite of attendance. There are many schools where an overwhelming majority of students are present on any given day, but an alarmingly high percentage may still be missing big chunks of the school year. Some kids will be out for a week or two in a row, and school leaders know who those kids are. Others miss three or four days every month. Those absences add up, eventually crossing the chronically absent threshold after several months, but they’re not as obvious.


Chronic Absenteeism Could Be the Biggest Problem Facing Schools Right Now

EducationWeek | February 21, 2024

Research shows the rising levels of pandemic absenteeism aren't going down fast enough. How bad are the numbers, really, and how can schools respond?


The Importance of Being Present

Frontdoors | February 23, 2024

Read On Arizona is collaborating with Helios Education Foundation, Valley of the Sun United Way, and several other partners to address chronic absenteeism, which has eaten away at some of the gains made in K-8 education, according to Dr. Paul Perrault of Helios. “We thought those numbers would get better” after the pandemic, he said, “but in fact, recent data has shown the chronic absenteeism problem has gotten worse, particularly in Arizona.”




Amid Literacy Push, Many States Still Don’t Prepare Teachers for Success

The74 | January 16, 2024

Too many states aren’t giving teachers the skills to teach reading effectively, according to an analysis by the National Center on Teacher Quality.


On the Same Page

Bellwether | January 2024

A primer on the importance of reading, instructional approaches, and implementation challenges and lessons for policies aligned with the science of reading.




Oakland’s Early Literacy Model Seeing Strong Results

Axios | January 9, 2024

A study by CRPE/ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College showed favorable results from an early literacy program that trains community members to serve as in-school literacy tutors.


‘Short Burst’ Tutoring in Literacy Shows Promise for Young Readers

The74 | January 17, 2024

Research from Stanford University showed that small, regular interactions with a reading tutor – about 5 to 7 minutes – can make a big impact on young students’ reading skills.