Mesa Mayor Giles Spotlights Early Literacy in State of the City 2024

February 14, 2024

Read On Communities

City of Mesa Mayor John Giles highlighted early literacy and the work of Read On Mesa in his State of the City 2024 on February 13.

“Education is a core value in our community,” Mayor Giles said, and “at the heart of everything is the ability to read.”

Noting that many of the city’s students fell behind in reading during the pandemic, he spotlighted Mesa’s new AARP Experience Corps tutoring program that connects retirees with young students to work on reading skills.

Experience Corps is just one part of Mesa’s commitment to early literacy, which Mayor Giles described as “an all-hands-on-deck initiative.”

Watch this short video about the city's Experience Corps program and Read On Mesa:

Read On Mesa is one of 21 local Read On Communities across Arizona.

“The power of Read On Mesa is ensuring that we’re all working together,” said Sarah Tolar, the city’s education and workforce administrator. “Working smarter and aligning our resources so that we can impact as many of our students as possible.”

Learn more about Mesa's AARP Experience Corp program and watch Mayor Giles' full State of the City 2024 program.