Digital Library Program—myON

Arizona students and their families had free access to the digital library program, myON, from April 14 through December 19, 2014. We are happy to share that thousands of children across the state read tens of thousands of books. Due to strong interest in in the continued use of myON, Read On Arizona arranged with myON special and reduced Read On Arizona partnership pricing for all Arizona schools, school districts, and community centers.

myON is offering tiered pricing based on building size in order to make it possible for all buildings to benefit regardless of size. Additionally, myON has guaranteed that the Read On Arizona pricing is at the lowest possible cost and provides Arizona schools and community centers with maximum savings.

For more information, please see the myON materials: How a Digital Library for Every Child Supports Early Literacy (includes information about myON and pricing) and The Literacy Ecosystem. Interested sites should contact myON directly.

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