The Science of Reading & Why It Matters-3 State Perspectives (AZ, MS & OR)

In celebration of GLR Week 2021, Read On Arizona moderated the webinar “The Science of Reading & Why It Matters – 3 State Perspectives” where state leaders and practitioners from Arizona, Oregon and Mississippi had a thought-provoking discussion around the science of reading. Hear unique perspectives from literacy leaders in three different states as they share their experience with integrating the science of reading into literacy instruction from the community level to the state-level. From practical implementation and issues of equity to policy, panelists share successes, challenges, and lessons learned as they discuss how the science of reading has influenced and shaped their state’s literacy journey. This discussion will inspire viewers to examine additional ways to prioritize the science of reading in literacy instruction within their own communities.

Panel Overview

State Panelists:


  • Kaitlin Harrier, Policy Advisor, Education, Office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
  • Sean Ross, Deputy Associate Superintendent of High Academic Standards, Arizona Department of Education


  • Angela Rutherford, Director, Center for Excellence in Literacy Instruction, University of Mississippi
  • Kristen Wynn, State Literacy Director (K-12), MS Department of Education


  • Holly Mar-Conte, Chief Strategy Officer, United Way of Lane County
  • Marina Merrill, Director of Research & Strategy, Children’s Institute

Panel Moderator: Terri Clark, Arizona Literacy Director, Read On Arizona