AZ Family Engagement Center

About the AZ Family Engagement Center

What is the AZ Family Engagement Center?
A collaborative effort among state and national partners to develop and implement a systematic, high impact infrastructure of family engagement that improves student academic achievement, empowers parents and increases the capacity of state agencies and organizations to provide high-quality family engagement supports for both parents and practitioners. This project will result in an improved continuum of evidence-based family engagement supports as well as twelve model demonstration “hubs” throughout the state that deliver evidence-based family literacy and engagement programming.

The three goals of the Arizona project are:

  • Improve academic achievement for disadvantaged students.
  • Empower parents of disadvantaged students with the information and tools to make good choices for their child’s education.
  • Increase the capacity of SEA, LEAs, and community-based organizations to provide high-quality family literacy and family engagement services.

This virtual Family Engagement Center for Arizona will provide information, tools and resources to increase the capacity of all community stakeholders.

Model Demonstration Hub Sites:

Community Map

Year 1:

  • Blue Ridge Elementary (Pinetop-Lakeside)
  • Brett Tarver Elementary (Phoenix)
  • Lynn-Urquides Elementary (Tuscon)

Year 2:

  • O.C. Johnson (Yuma)
  • Lattie Coor/Eliseo C. Felix (Avondale)
  • Peralta (Phoenix)

Year 3:

  • Longfellow (Mesa)
  • Jefferson (Mesa)
  • Homes (Mesa)
  • Lindbergh (Mesa)

Year 4:

  • Eisenhower (Mesa)
  • Lincoln (Mesa)
  • Adams (Mesa)
  • Webster (Mesa)


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