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Read On Scottsdale

read-on-scottsdaleRead On Scottsdale was formed to support Read On Arizona by the Scottsdale Public Library and Scottsdale Unified School District to show that Scottsdale supports its students by providing resources and help for anyone in need of assistance to achieve the third grade reading benchmark. We are working together to address the challenges in improving reading achievement in Scottsdale – particularly among our at-risk children – including developing solutions for certain critical areas of focus such as: Family Engagement, School Readiness, Early Grade Success, and Community Awareness/Mobilization.

Collaborative Partners:

  • City of Scottsdale
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • Scottsdale Unified School District
  • Scottsdale Public Library
  • Paiute Neighborhood Center
  • Sunrise Preschool
  • Association for Supportive Childcare
  • Southwest Human Development
  • Hirsch Academy
  • New York Life
  • Arizona State University – The Kindergarten Project
  • Scottsdale Artists’ School
  • Macaroni Kid
  • EF Foundation
  • Knowledge Universe – KinderCare