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Read On Bullhead City

Read On Bullhead CityRead On Bullhead City is a collaborative effort facilitated by Bullhead City to identify gaps and enable collaboration across community efforts focused on early literacy to help support the community’s most vulnerable children. Bullhead City is working with a cross section of community leaders to identify the areas of concern and develop solutions to address the issues.

Collaborative Partners

  • Bullhead City Mayor’s Office
  • Kathy Bruck, Council Member
  • Toby Cotter, City Manager
  • Janice D. Paul, Administrative Analyst
  • Matilda Andrade, WACOG Head Start Program
  • Tommy Bigelow, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River
  • Stella Carlzen, Mohave County Library
  • Diane Hunter, Diamond back Elementary Parents Teachers Organization
  • Katie MacFarland, Concerned parent
  • Casey Mulligan, Mohave Accelerated Learning Center
  • Cindy Nuizel, Bullhead City Elementary School District #15
  • Barbara Pape, Concerned Citizen
  • Mary Schram, River Cities United Way