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Read On Buckeye

read-on-buckeyeRead on Buckeye is a community effort specifically focused on achieving greater awareness of the importance of children reading by the end of 3rd grade.  Our main focus is on the early years, birth to age five, and creating a pipeline with preschools and daycares to ease the transition to elementary school.  Currently, we are creating awareness and partnerships with our residents, city leaders, business stakeholders, community partners and each of the school districts to enable us to reach these children and improve readiness and language barriers.  We believe this will help not only our students, but the quality of life within the city of Buckeye.


Priorities, focus areas, or goals and objectives:

Year One:

  • Greater awareness within the community through a series of three events.  Training for our teachers for family literacy training.  Gaining community partners.

Year Two:

  • Family literacy training series

Collaborative Partners

  • City of Buckeye
  • Buckeye City Council
  • Buckeye Elementary School District
  • Buckeye Family Resource Center
  • Buckeye Union High School District
  • Grace Fellowship Academy and Preschool
  • Liberty School District
  • Litchfield Elementary School District
  • Odyssey Charter Schools
  • Palo Verde District
  • Wickenburg School District