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Acceleration Zone Project

Read On Arizona’s Acceleration Zone Project:
Catalysts for Scaling Impact and Building Community Resiliency

Read On Arizona invites collaborative teams to apply for the Acceleration Zone Project.  A cohort model, the Acceleration Zone Project seeks to build the capacity of change makers who are interested in leading the charge for effective, equitable, and accelerated early literacy results in their communities. The project will harness the power of collaboration through a “reflect and adapt” process incorporating strategies that will inform next steps to delivering scalable impact focused on school readiness and/or early literacy in identified Acceleration Zones.  Participants will take part in a shared learning cohort with colleagues from around the state to delve into understanding their own success and others, analyze results, and share lessons learned about data, contributing factors to success, and policy support needed for successful implementation to scale their work.

Read On Arizona will select up to three Acceleration Zones.  The Acceleration Zone team members will convene at least 10 times, virtually and in-person, over the course of 36-months. Zone team members will receive bi-monthly coaching, virtually, to support their successful participation. Read On Arizona will cover the cost of the Acceleration Zone team members to participate in the Acceleration Zone Project.

Learn more and download the Acceleration Zone Application—Due July 30, 2018:

Acceleration Zone Information/Application