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Take the Early Literacy Pledge

Arizona needs 100% of our third-graders to be proficient readers.

To reach this visionary goal, everyone must play their part. Improving the reading skills of Arizona’s young children is everybody’s business.

Every member of the community can:

  • Promote the importance of early literacy at every opportunity.
  • Read to and with children.
  • Volunteer with a literacy service provider.

Businesses can:

  • Inform employees and community members about the importance of early literacy.
  • Incentivize employees to volunteer as a reader or tutor at a local school or community organization.
  • Support community efforts such as literacy fairs, book drives, and family literacy events.
  • Offer on-site literacy training to employees.
  • Support Read On Arizona partners through financial and in-kind donations.

Schools can:

  • Carefully monitor students for literacy needs and provide individualized attention when needed.
  • Work with families and parents as full partners in the success of their child.

Literacy providers can:

  • Make data collection, tracking, and assessment a priority.
  • Collaborate with providers within the early literacy system to ensure more children are served.

Philanthropic organizations can:

  • Include literacy as a priority across all program areas.
  • Require service providers to connect to standards and the effective literacy practices framework.
  • Leverage national and local relationships to support Read On Arizona.

Elected officials can:

  • Make early literacy a policy and funding priority to ensure Arizona thrives in a global economy.
  • Use their leadership platform to promote literacy and build awareness of its importance.
  • Incorporate Read On Arizona’s comprehensive model into efforts across Arizona.

Institutions of higher education can:

  • Support Arizona’s early literacy system through evaluation/assessment, curriculum development, and training.
  • Make literacy instruction in pre-service curriculum and training for new teachers a priority.
  • Partner on developing models for capacity building and research regarding literacy.

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