Read On Communities

Read On Riverside

Read On RiversideRead On Riverside is a collaborative effort facilitated by Valley of the Sun United to identify gaps and enable collaboration across community efforts focused on early literacy to help support the community. While supporting the full continuum to include School Readiness, Chronic Absenteeism, and Summer Learning, the Riverside Coalition is working with a cross section of community leaders to identify the areas of concern and develop solutions to address the issues.

Focus Areas:

  • The Read On Riverside Coalition has convened during the last two years, leading to a completed literacy scan. Through the work of the Coalition and the results of the scan, the focus was determined to be parent engagement leading to the successful outcome of every child reading proficiently by third grade.

Collaborative Partners

  • Arizona Literacy and Language Center
  • Arizona‚Äôs Children Association
  • Association for Supportive Child Care
  • City of Phoenix
  • Experience Matters
  • First Things First
  • Riverside School District
  • Southwest Human Development
  • Valley of the Sun YMCA